Roaring with His ferocious love, calling the church to repentance, restoration, and revival.

Lionheart Ministry is a Christ-infused community focused on loving our Lord Jesus Christ and one another. Aiming to equip men, women and children through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit’s love-filled encouragement and edification, ultimately birthing creativity to glorify God in passion and power.


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A Princess of Praise

A song book written by a Lionheart Little, 9-year-old Ava Christopher, and full of God’s promises through her spontaneous, prophetic praises.

Sojourner the Soldier

Calling children to fight for the Kingdom, traveling the world as ministering missionaries, evangelists, telling teachers, power preachers and soul reachers.

Prophetic Art for Children

Author and artist Lynne Hudson invites you and your family to journey with Jesus into lands of prophetic art, leading you into encounters with our Father God.

The Adventures of Tiny Frog

You are invited to join Tiny Frog on an expedition to find Turtle.

Mr. Frog and Tiny Frog have been searching all morning and are starting to worry…. Will they ever find Turtle?

Written by a Lionheart Little, 11-year-old Micah Christopher.

His Poetic Presence: Volume 1

A collection of intimate encounters with Jesus leading author Carrie Christopher from fear to faith, lament to joy, and pain to purpose. Written hand in hand and heart to heart with God.

Father to the Fatherless

Live and lean into a captivating wonderment of the all-consuming and all-providing heavenly presence of our Father.

Hope’s Honey

A feast of freedom exists through our hope in Christ. The sweetness of God’s Word is satisfying to our souls! God’s word and His presence are sweeter than honey. May we delight in every word like that of a dripping honeycomb.

Do Not Fear, Deer One

A charge of courage to carry His word into a land of sorrows, awakening the church to fight through fear and enter into our promised land.

Blue Gum Valley

Sammy the Squirrel invites you to meet his friends from the Blue Gum Valley. Discover the gifts of this talented community, where they come together to bring joy to the valley through their individual gifts and love for each other. Find the hidden treasures throughout the story.

The Kingdom of Delight

Journey with Grace from the Kingdom of Gloom into lands unknown to meet the good King Abba. Experience the Kingdom of Delight for yourself as you discover just how good and kind King Abba truly is!

His Lavished Love for Littles: Vol. 2

A treasury of timeless truths teaching our next generation about the Father’s lavished love for littles.

Silencing the Spider

Roaring in faith! Stand up, speak up, and silence the spider of opposition. Teaching children to take the land of their hearts back from the enemy, walking with the powerful force of God’s Word and love.

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Heights of Heaven

“He makes my feet like feet of deer; He causes me to stand on the heights.” Ps. 18:33

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Tumbling Tears

An invitation to release all of sin’s stings into the care of our Father.

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Of Grace and Glory

A poetic Easter story celebrating our risen King.

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Birthing Joy

A poetic collection of celebrations glorifying the birth of Christ.

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His Lavished Love for Littles

A treasury of timeless truths teaching our next generation about the Father’s lavished love for littles.

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