Merry Christmas!

With great honor, we praise the Lord for His triumphant entry into this world as a babe. We as a ministry aim to testify to the very presence of Christ here on this earth, heralding Emmanuel, God with us!

During this Christmas season, nestled in-between the angst of having enough to “give,” and the struggles of the overwhelm of the hustle and bustle, we can cling to one peace and one truth, and can hold onto one blessing — the fact that Jesus came into this world to free us from the shackles of sin and death. Christ the King came into the world hundreds of years ago, all with one intent, one purpose, one reason. To bring us to life and to secure Heaven’s resting place for our souls. All out of the overflowing, pursuing love of our Father in Heaven. If there’s one prayer we pray for you this Christmas season, it is this:

That you would know the love of the Father through the Son Jesus Christ, and be enabled by the Holy Spirit to the awakening of truth. By and through God’s grace, Lionheart Ministry humbly brings gifts to your home from the King of Heaven. Gifts of His love, mercy and grace. Our first gift is a collection of breath-taking photographic verse cards made by a 10 year old child of the Most High. May each card bring into your home the deep fragrance of God’s rushing love for you.

Secondly, we share this code to use your smartphones to listen in to words and music created by two Lionheart children who love our Lord Jesus and who so powerfully and beautifully read His Word. May this audio reach your innermost being with the majesty, power and dominion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Third, a song, from our gifted Lindsey Sullivan, founder of Alabaster Heart and blessed Lionheart team contractor. May each melodic worship-filled harmonious tune and melody of wonder bring you His grace. Grace to save you and your family.

Fourth, an artistically woven presentation book, orchestrated by our ministry contractor, Lynne Hudson. Each prophetic art piece and word is set aside to portray the love of Christ. Bask in these beautiful displays of His power and pursuit over and in each of your lives.

Lastly, a Merry Christmas audio from all our Lionheart contractors. May each breath that praises the Lord be ushered into your hearts and homes, with the knowledge that our God came in the form of a child to save the least of us. His Kingdom of love and riches are set aside for those who would call upon His name and be saved.

We pray each gift will minister to your soul with His delight in you. Lionheart Ministry brings good news of the gospel of grace. Believe in our Lord Jesus and may you and your family be saved under His risen sonship.

Peace in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Lionheart Ministry Co-Founders Jonathan, Carrie Christopher & Lionheart Kiddos

Contractor Team; Lindsey Sullivan, Alabaster Heart Worship; Lynne Hudson, Prophetic Art; Kayla Follin Design Co; Andy and Dayna Morse, Redemptive Living.

Christmas Greeting
Luke 1 26-36 NIV
O Come O Come Emmanuel