Prophetic Art Workshop

With Artist Lynne Hudson

Join us for an evening of family creative prophetic art with Lynne Hudson.

Please join Lionheart Ministry and Australian prophetic artist Lynne Hudson for an evening of family creative prophetic art!

  • When | Tuesday, January 9, 2024 | 6-7:30pm
  • Where | Lionheart Ministry Offices | C3 Church Naples
  • Cost—FREE | Registration Required

Hear the tender voice of God calling us through the gentle blessing of art. Combining the voice of our Heavenly Father and art in an uplifting and encouraging way, come and explore His heart through creativity.


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Lynne Hudson

Lynne has been a professional artist for over forty years. You can find Lynne passionately working on private commissions for clients, including illustrating Christian books and media. Experience heaven’s power coming down to earth, as she conducts Prophetic and Creative art workshops through her God-given giftings. God-inspired, and Holy Spirit saturated, Lynne has blessed many successful global art exhibitions with her works.

Prophetic art changed Lynne’s life forever, with the healing influence of Jesus Christ. The Lord radically healed her from the side effects of cancer, through prayer and experiencing a prophetic painting. From that time forward her life was committed to the Lord to paint the poetic promises of His heart on canvas’ of hope. Her journey marked a holy embracing of prophetic art – from live painting with worship, to private commissions, to teaching courses on the magnitude of hearing from God through creativity.

Lynne’s ability to hear from the Holy Spirit, and painting the courts of the heaven-lies is lighting the church on fire with the radical love of Jesus Christ. Lynne paints the promises of God in the prophetic positioning and power of the Lord, radiantly displaying artwork from on high.

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The center is currently meeting at C3 Chuch in Naples, FL.