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Summer Session 2

Photography Capturing His Glory

Sewing With Our Savior

Spanish Speaking Saints


  1. Sewing with Our Savior: Sewing teaching and training class for women and children! More info will be released on the content of the classes based on class size, ages, and participants’ skill levels. Skill levels will vary so we will offer basic skill level training and also advanced per the class participant levels!
  2. Spanish-Speaking Saints: An intro to Spanish class led by our beloved teacher Mrs. Carolina Alonzo. Mothers and children are welcomed to learn a new language craft so that we may be equipped to reach and teach the multitudes with the Gospel of His love.
  3. Capturing His Glory: Intro level photography class! Join the Lionheart ministry leadership team as we explore the Just Ask and He Will Give series through this foundational photography class. Hear motivational, God-glory stories from the Lionheart leadership team’s children and how they’ve captured the wonder of God and made books with the usage of photography. Our gifted Ms. Savannah will go through the specifics of camera technology and functioning. More classes to follow with field instruction.


  • Cost includes one family registration fee for entrance up to all four classes!
  • For families with the amount (3) children or less $50.00 (including parents) for all classes.
  • For families of (4) or more children $75.00  (including parents) for all classes.

This helps cover, instructor fees, and supplies. If there are any additional proceeds, they will go to benefit Lionheart Ministry.

There are financial need scholarships available. Please reach out to info@lionheartministry.com for more information on these. 

If you are a part of a pastor’s family, or a leader in ministry, mom & her children can register for free. Please forgo the registration page and email info@lionheartministry.com to register without an admission fee.

Please reach out with any questions and or concerns and invite family and friends to join us. 

To register, please fill out the form down below by July 10th to save your spot and give us proper time to plan for instruction. 

Class Dates

  • Monday, August 12th | Lionheart Offices | Photography: Capturing His Glory 10-12pm
  • Monday, August 19th | Lionheart Offices | Photography: Capturing His Glory 10-12pm
  • Friday, August 16th | Lionheart Offices | Worship 1-1:30 & Spanish-Speaking Saints 1:30-2:30pm & Sewing with our Savior 2:30-4:30
  • Friday, August 23rd | Lionheart Offices | Worship 1-1:30 & Spanish-Speaking Saints 1:30-2:30pm & Sewing with our Savior 2:30-4:30
  • Friday, August 30th| Lionheart Offices | Worship 1-1:30 & Spanish-Speaking Saints 1:30-2:30pm & Sewing with our Savior 2:30-4:30

There will also be a time of spiritual formation, worship and encouragement in between classes.

Classes are set to rotate and change based on sessions. Each session is about worshiping and proclaiming Jesus!

*If you are bringing any of your sons, please note that down below and we will offer a masculine sewing activity.

Register for Summer Session 2

Rivers of His Love Family Revival Registration: Summer Session 1

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For more information on our gatherings email info@lionheartministry.com

The center is currently meeting at C3 Chuch in Naples, FL.