Who is Jesus?

An Aspirational Conference for Muslim Women

Come explore the Father’s love through the creative arts and beyond.

Dearly Beloved Muslim Women,

Has Jesus Christ shown up to you in dreams? Have you been given a vision of Jesus Christ? Have you ever wondered and pondered who Jesus really is? Do you feel the violence and the persecution in this world and are you hungering for peace and love? Come for answers. Come to experience His love and light. You are invited to a conference of love. We want to introduce you to our very best friend, our Father in heaven, the real messiah Jesus Christ, who is the almighty counselor and the only true God. You are welcome and you are loved here! This conference is for you. Come and hear about a faith that promises you peace. You don’t have to earn His love. He chose you before time and you are welcomed and invited into His love. God loves you so much that He planned an entire conference just for you! Muslim women, join us! You are so special to the Lord and He loves you abundantly. Come for an enriching experience of His love through the arts, music, speakers and more.

With Speakers:

  • Carrie Christopher | Lionheart Ministry Cofounder & author
  • Lynne Hudson | Australian prophetic artist & author
  • Lindsey Sullivan | Worship artist & author
  • Amanda Duncan | Ministry leader of Valor Kids & Cofounder of The Well

& more to come!

Meeting Information

  • Saturday, January 13th | 10am-5pm | C3 Church Naples


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The center is currently meeting at C3 Chuch in Naples, FL.