Who is Jesus?

An Aspirational Conference for Women

Come explore the Father’s love through the creative arts and beyond.

Calling all women

  • The needy! Those who are hurting, broken & in need of healing
  • The seeker! Those who are curious & longing to discover the Truth
  • The hungry! Those who are desperate for a fresh encounter
  • The Muslim, Jew, Christian, etc.! Those who desire to meet the Living God

Beloved women, come taste and see of our great God through the arts! You are invited to immerse yourself in the love of Christ and experience His heart for you through His heavenly realms of artistic expression, including: Prophetic art, worship, writing, intercessory prayer and inner healing. No matter your background, God has something beautiful in store for you at this conference!

When God originally laid the vision for this conference on our hearts, we felt His heart of desire and love specifically for Muslim women and to invite them in to hear about the great love of Christ! As God has unfolded His heart for this conference, we see now that it is for all women. And so that is who this conference is for—any and every woman! Come needy, come broken, come hungry, come seeking. Come with your questions, your burdens, and your doubts. If you have never heard of this Jesus, come expectant to meet Him, the Living God. If you already believe, come expectant for a fresh encounter with the Father through His Son Jesus Christ!

If you are a Muslim woman or if there is a Muslim woman on your heart who you would like to invite to this conference, please read and share this invitational love letter from the Father’s heart with her!

With Speakers:

  • Carrie Christopher | Lionheart Ministry CoFounder & author
  • Lynne Hudson | Australian prophetic artist & author
  • Lindsey Sullivan | Worship artist & author
  • Amanda Duncan | Ministry leader of Valor Kids & CoFounder of The Well
  • Mayana Frederickson | Prophetic Ministry Leader

& more to come!

Meeting Information

  • Saturday, January 13th | 10am-5pm | C3 Church Naples
  • COST—FREE | Registration *REQUIRED*


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The center is currently meeting at C3 Chuch in Naples, FL.