Women of Nobility

Women’s Group

And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask. All the people of my town know that you are a woman of noble character.

Ruth 3:11

Women of Nobility: Women’s Group

Announcing the launch of our brand new women’s group, Women of Nobility!

Join Lionheart Ministry for a weekly time of prayer, study of God’s word, and contemplation of the Father’s love as we seek His heart together as women of all ages.

Calling women to come to the river that never runs dry. Welcoming women of all ages, with and without children, married and unmarried, to an exclusively God-centered women’s group.

Come with your children. They will delight in a feast of story time, play, snack time and beyond as their hearts are engaged with the love of Christ. They will stay in the room with us, sectioned off so you will be able to see them.

Women, by His grace, we will:

  • Worship together
  • Fight for one another in prayer
  • Study the word of the living God together
  • Receive a word of encouragement

We aim to preserve Godly womanhood, to enter into the courts of the Lord together in unity, with praises and thanksgiving! To seek and save the lost, led by Christ, being built up as strong women in the Lord, living our lives to evangelize and fight for our faith in the one true God.

We will learn etiquette and the beautiful differences between man and woman, engage in numerous topics along the way and dive into deep spiritual truths. We will soak in our gospel-centered identities. You will be challenged on how to keep your ways pure in this dark world of polarizing opposition to the Lord’s word.

The study of the word, prayer, and song will be facilitated by CoFounder of Lionheart Ministry Carrie Christopher. You will be taught by the Holy Spirit. Our desire is that a team of women would rise up to help carry this load in service to Him.

Come ready to receive what the Lord is offering to you. Open up your hearts and minds to receive what the Lord has done on your behalf!

Registration is required. Asking that you commit to sessions in order that we remain steadfast in unity and the gathering.


When: Wednesdays, 10am-Noon | *see Events calendar for dates

Where: Lionheart Ministry Offices | 1048 Castello Dr. Naples Fl, 34103

Women of Nobility Registration

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For more information on our gatherings email info@lionheartministry.com

The center is currently meeting at C3 Chuch in Naples, FL.